We will see you back out on the streets of downtown this summer!

Plans are in the works for Street Show’s return this summer. We will, of course, be following all public health guidelines regarding deployment. While you wait for our submission process to open later this spring, please enjoy the live streaming Street Show performances that we presented in 2020 featuring some of our regulars (and a few very special guests).

Become a Street Show performer

Street Show performances are curated by the Warming House using an intake process that starts when you complete this sign-up form.

Applications are reviewed regularly, and if you are selected, you will receive a follow-up request for your performance availability. The 2021 Street Show performance season is planned to kick off in June. Performances are booked approximately one-month out, so please be patient.

While you wait, we encourage you to review the following guidelines and, when it’s safe, give downtown busking a try to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Minneapolis Street Performance Guidelines

Busking (street performance) in Minneapolis does not require a permit and is technically legal as long as you follow the rules below.

1. Moderate your volume

There are technical rules about levels above ambient sound, but the safe guideline is people should not be able to hear you at all from a distance of about 100 feet, or not be able to pick you out from the background noise at a distance of 50 feet. This is the easiest rule to break and the most common reason you might be asked to stop.

2. Make sure you are on public (not private) property

Select an area of the sidewalk with plenty of room and away from buildings, windows, doorways, etc. Most commercial buildings downtown have a two-foot private easement all around them that may seem public, but is not. This is also true of many plaza areas, skyways, indoor courtyards and parking lots downtown. It’s always better to check with building manager or on-site security before you set up, or you may be asked to leave.

3. Avoid obstructing traffic

You are not allowed to perform in a space where you will block or obstruct pedestrian or other traffic. This means avoiding busy street corners and other areas where sidewalks are narrow or obstructed by other activity (i.e. transit stops, bike racks, loading zones, etc.).

4. Join to the Minneapolis Buskers Facebook group

Talk to other performers about their busking experiences, ideal locations and get additional tips from the pros.