The 2024 Street Show season will run from mid-May to mid-September, depending on weather. The tentative schedule for performers will be 2-hour time-blocks over the lunch hour and early afternoon, Tuesday through Friday.

Still reminiscing about past performances?  Visit our YouTube Page to watch 2020’s Street Show performances, including all of our Street Show Gems.

Meet some of our performers

The Advice People

The Advice People is a blend of street theater, very cheap “therapy,” and compassionate community building. Modeled after Lucy van Pelt’s “Psychiatric Help” stand, from the Peanuts comic strip, the Advice People offer advice for a nickel, or whatever you think it’s worth.  Customers can step up, toss whatever coins they’d like in the can, and share their question, problem, issue or dilemma. The two advisors collaborate (or disagree!) on a suggestion of what to do. They’ve been called “eerily intuitive,” “incredibly helpful” and “worth way, way more than a nickel.” Website:

Jarrelle Barton

At age 14, Jarrelle Barton (Chinese name: Jie Ao, 杰遨) began learning guzheng from master Li Jiaxiang (李嘉骧), a former musician of the Beijing Dance Academy (北京舞蹈学院) From Li, Barton learned traditional pieces, particularly those from the Teochew and Hakka schools of southern China, as well as modern-style guzheng solos. Now 26, Barton is in constant demand for events throughout the Twin Cities. He was selected for a 2018 Minnesota Emerging Composer Award (MECA). Website:

DJ Mickey Breeze

Mickey Breeze is a DJ, artist, and teacher. He started playing instruments at the age of 5 and now plays trumpet, drums, piano, violin, and cello. He began producing music electronically at the age of 8 and started DJing at 10. Breeze uses a drum pad controller to add percussion and transitions over the top of the tracks he plays and adds a unique live performance layer to his sets. His sets include everything from hip hop to EDM, from R&B to lo-fi beats. As a musician, he likes to work in his own edits, remixes, and original productions. Website:

Reuben Correa

Reuben Correa is an internationally acclaimed professional harpist, composer, recording artist, and online harp instructor. He has entertained audiences with his Celtic/Classical sound throughout the U.S. and in countries as far away as Singapore. Website:

Beverly Cottman (in memoriam)

Beverly Cottman was an interdisciplinary artist, who worked at the intersections of literary, visual, and performance art. As Auntie Beverly and from the early days of Street Show, she shared stories, folktales, and fables from the African Diaspora with downtown audiences young and old. We will profoundly miss her extraordinary presence and the grace with which she entertained, educated, enlightened, empowered, inspired, and even encouraged us to ‘join in’.

The Gated Community

The Gated Community is a country/bluegrass/Americana band with rock influences based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area in Minnesota and has been in existence since early 2006. Website:

The Good Time Gals

“The Good Time Gals” is a fresh, fun, vintage inspired duo with modern sensibilities. Miss Myra and Debbie Briggs deliver a one-of-a-kind musical performance featuring guitar with tight two part vocal harmonies, playful arrangements, and peppered with influences of blues, hot club jazz, western swing, old country, and popular music of the 20s, 30s, and 40s. Website:

Nathaniel Harris

Nathaniel Harris has been busking along Nicollet in downtown Minneapolis for years and enjoys singing songs with messages of love and hope, ranging from funk to old school R&B, to gospel.

Mwago Kuria

Mwago Kuria is a Kenyan-born, Minneapolis-based, Blues & Neo-Soul guitarist. Drawing inspiration from guitarists such as John Mayer and Gary Moore, his unique blend of warm melodic lines and soulful runs makes his music both soothing and captivating. Website:

Machinery Hill

This Minneapolis-based band takes their name from the Minnesota State Fair’s large display of farm equipment. Their original style mixes Americana with Rock, Ska, Blues, Rockabilly, Irish and touches of irony. Three members of Machinery Hill- Bill Lee, Brian Handeland and Datta Hartman- can often be found busking on Nicollet Mall when the weather is nice. Website:

Donte Mearon

Painter Donte Mearon creates vibrant, performative works in acrylic paint on a variety of media, including wood and fabric.

Debbie Moore

Debbie Moore is a multidisciplinary musician, writer, and teacher who is new to the Twin Cities music scene. After relocating to Minneapolis in late 2017, Debbie played violin at open mics, leading her to performances at the Ordway, Guthrie, and Capri theaters, teaching at the Billingsley School of Music and Art, and more, demonstrating the art of creativity which flows from the soul. She is in the beginning stages of planning and producing her own album and performing on various stages throughout the Twin Cities area.

Nancy Olson

Nancy Olson sings and plays many folk instruments including guitar, dulcimer, autoharp, and ukelele. Her unique interpretations of folk, blues, pop oldies, standards, and her original songs, delight and amaze!

Phlo Real

Phlo Real is a scribe working to accurately portray the intricate layers of earth healing itself through every moment. Some call this poetry. Others, science. A few, magic. In any case, all three require a willingness to listen for the quietest sound in the room, so you can trust they’ll be working from this skillset.

Really Spicy Opera

Singer-pianist Basil Considine is the artistic director of Minneapolis-based Really Spicy Opera. His long and spicy career in music includes singing for composer John Williams, recording multiple albums, and touring internationally. Website:

Roe Family Singers

Wife and husband Kim and Quillan Roe are the Roe Family Singers, a good-time, old-time hillbilly band from Kirkwood Hollow, MN. This award-winning duo mixes original music and contemporary takes on old-time, traditional, and gospel tunes into one roiling & rollicking river of fresh yet familiar American music. Every performance raises a ruckus. Website:


Hassan Shahidi is a self-taught musician and singer-songwriter. Shahidi aspires to use his music to connect with the community and also convey his perspective & emotions in his slow soothing lyrics over the acoustics guitar. He mixes up the platform by doing classic 2000’s music covers from a wide variety of artists and genres. Shahidi is currently looking to grow as a recording artist. Website:

Courtney Yasmineh

Courtney Yasmineh has been writing songs, making albums, and touring all over America and Europe for twenty years. She calls Minneapolis her home and earns her living from her music and writing. Website:


Multi-instrumentalists Mira and Tom Kehoe are a creative and versatile duo, playing and improvising in Brazilian jazz, bossa nova, samba, world music and originals; vocal and instrumental. With their band, Xibaba (she-BA-ba), they play Brazilian jazz at summer festivals, private parties, concert venues and clubs. Website: