Street Show Gem: Turn, Turn, Turn | Aug 7, 2020

Enjoy another special Street Show Gem performance by Turn, Turn, Turn! Street Show brings you this very special performance from Brit’s Pub in #mplsdowntown. Turn, Turn, Turn’s performance will support Juxtaposition Arts which Turn, Turn, Turn selected, with the first $1,000 contribution by the Mpls DID. Click here to donate.

Street Show Gem: Jeremy Messersmith | July 24, 2020

Listen to this special Street Show Gem performance by Jeremy Messersmith! Street Show brings you this very special performance from The Dayton’s Project terrace in #mplsdowntown. Jeremy’s performance will support Voices for Racial Justice which Jeremy selected, with the first $1,000 contribution by the Mpls DID. Click Here to donate.

Street Show is the place to find out about street performance in downtown Minneapolis

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our Street Show season is going virtual—performances are at noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays this summer

Since we can’t be out there on the street for you, we want to bring you a bit of joy over lunchtimes with a live streaming version of Street Show featuring some of our regulars (and a handful of very special guests). 

Street Show Artists Unite for Justice

Join us in July and August as Street Show performers dedicate their live-streamed noontime performances on Tuesdays and Thursdays to social justice organizations. Instead of asking for your contributions to their virtual tip jars, they’ll be asking for your support toward making Minneapolis a more just city. Mpls DID will match the performers’ fees as a contribution in the performers’ honor to their selected charity.

About the Street Show program

Encouraging a welcoming and exciting downtown experience for all

Everyone loves a good show—we asked people what contributes to a vibrant downtown experience and found that street performance is always near the top of the list. Minneapolis has long been famous for its deep pool of local performance talent, but our street performance culture does not measure up to peer cities.

Creating a stronger culture of downtown street performance

Since 2017, Street Show has embraced this challenge and brought hundreds of hours of street performance to Nicollet and Hennepin avenues each year. Street Show trains performers on the rules for safely busking downtown and encourages audiences to support performances they appreciate.

Providing a platform for local performers

Street Show provides equipment, signage and promotional support, as well as a stipend to address meager tipping (Nicollet performers averaged about $16 total for a two-hour performance in 2019).

Making it happen

Street Show is organized by the Mpls Downtown Improvement District and curated by Hennepin Theatre Trust and the Warming House with financial support primarily from downtown commercial property owners.