Stephanie Was [Stephanie Mauceri]

"In the full length (approx 3 and a half minute) video, one of the best things is that it shows a gentleman who was in the midst of a 45 minute wait for his bus shooting the footage, and an older lady interacting with me at the end. What was edited out is a beautiful example of how song and the cityscape brought 3 diverse people together for the duration of this particular song.

What you have here is in fact, though it wasn’t easy, an even 3 minutes.

PS: I also have stellar bandmates, whom I am so so very lucky to play with (fiddler, bass and drums)… but I have always said/thought that standing alone in front of people you don’t know is one of the most challenging and pure way to convey ones art. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Hope you enjoy it.)

In Peace and Gratitude,
Steph "

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